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Are rules holding you back?

​Did you know your rule book was written by your 8 year old self?  As we grow up we develop rules into our lives from parents, teachers, friends, employers, peers etc. but are these rules still valid? Are they helping us be our best selves? Do we even agree with them? Are they stopping you having fun?  Our rules can really hinder us being peaceful and mindful. If we strip away our imposed rules and agree to start again with a blank rule book we will find that we rediscover what's important to us NOW. Would you take advice now from yourself as an 8 year old in the 60's/70's/80's/90's? We are now older, wiser more experienced and living in a new world. Isn't the new us, living in the now, the person we should be asking to write our rule book?

Do you want to be a leader with emotional intelligence?  Do you want to understand your team and help them develop to support each others strengths?  Write your new rule book today! 

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