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Life coaching

Drop in Centre

A corporate retainer where Laura can positively help up to 6 employees in one day.  Whether your employee wants help in their personal life or at work the positive impact is proven to make staff happier, more efficient and work smarter.  

What are the benefits

Many employees have struggled in the past 3 years if not before.  It's more apparent now than ever before the importance of staff well being.  When you have happy staff members who are aligned to the company culture and goals you will be amazed at the performance they give.  They will work better as a team, help and support each other, become more efficient, work smarter and be loyal the the company.  

Whether an employee needs help with their home life, a personal issue, anxiety, conflict, resilience management or even a presentation, board meeting, understanding team dynamics Laura can help.  By offering this to your employees it means they can get the help they have dreamed of with true confidentiality.

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