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Paper that grows!


When we reach that point where we want to grow, we want to develop, we want to transform.... What do we do?


When we want to help the environment, we want to achieve net zero.... What do we do?


Yes you read that right!! I visited the most amazing place today!  Dynamic Print.  Sarah showed me around and I got to see the products they create.  There is a reason why they have such a huge portfolio of great customers, from Mini to Clarins.  

Dynamic Print have created a paper made from wild flowers.  This means you can plant the paper and watch it grow into beautiful flowers. These can be used for invitations,  corporate cards, marketing tools.  The options are endless!


I am so excited to be using this product for lightning coaching, because one of my top core values is sustainability.   My clients will be able to enjoy the personal growth through their programme and the growth of the flowers at zero waste.

For more info:

How the Paper Grows


As with all seeds, whether from a packet or embedded in paper, it is important to follow the planting instructions to achieve the best germination rate.

1. Soak the seeded paper in water overnight to allow the seeds to swell and aid germination.

2. Cover with a thin layer of quality potting compost and spray to keep moist every day until the seedlings are established, ensuring the soil does not dry out.

3. Germination time is approximately 7 to 10 days and if planting outdoors best time to sow is from late spring to avoid any frosts and ideal conditions are in a greenhouse.

4. Can be planted indoors or outdoors, remembering to keep moist at all times.



At Dynamic Print, their seeded paper contains a mix of the following wild flowers:


  • Catchfly

  • English Daisy

  • Sweet Alyssum

  • Spurred Snapdragon

  • Corn Poppy (red & pink)

  • Black Eyed Susan

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