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Lightning Coaching

Have the confidence to go for that new job, ace that presentation, and grab that promotion.  Remove any self-doubt to enable you to take risks and start living the life you want and having the career you desire.  Learn how to become a great leader with emotional intelligence and have the best team by your side.

Coaching Packages

Providing Everything You Need


Awaken your excellence

  • Learn how to bring out the best of you.

  • Eliminate the barriers that are stopping you from doing what you really want.

  • Implement small strategies you can use to boost your confidence and tackle inevitable challenges in life.

  • Discover how to remove limiting beliefs or habits which hold you back.

  • Get to know how you can become free to be who you want to be.

Eradicate stress & overwhelm

  • Help you manage stress levels which in turn will eradicate anxiety.

  • Give you peace of mind to forgive yourself.

  • Dissolve limiting beliefs to enable you to cope with more and manage time better.

  • Give you tools and techniques to manage overwhelm and become able to deal with future tasks and dreams.

  • Relaxation techniques give you the ability to calm your mind and body instantly wherever you are.

  • Ability to live in the now, giving you freedom in your mind and space to enjoy the now, living happy and secure.


Regain Confidence & Self Worth

  • Learning how to be empowered and to manage this change will bring well-being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Your level of confidence and self-worth is a reflection of what you think and feel about yourself..

  • Increase your level of confidence and self-worth to be your best self.

  • See the beauty of your imperfections as they are what makes you… and that is amazing!

  • Turn down the volume of negative self-talk and flip them into a positive mindset.

  • Be comfortable with yourself, your choices, knowing you are enough, have courage and own your emotions.

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