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Where to start?

When we want to succeed, we want to climb that career ladder, and we want to achieve our goals do we always start at the starting line? To achieve our dreams we need to start in the right position. If a runner is in the wrong lane they will get disqualified!


What happens if we start in the wrong lane?  To cross the finish line successfully we must consider our starting position, the journey we are taking, the speed we are going and the energy we are releasing.  We could consider what resources we have around us, what success means to us, are our values in line with our goals, and will crossing the finish line make us happy? 


An athlete will do years of training before the big race, do we consider what we should do before we get on the starting blocks? If we are in the correct frame of mind anything and everything is achievable. We just need to prepare.

Better Leadership

Check - Are you in the right lane?  Do you know the direction you're heading in?  Is it aligned to your values?

Are your team in the right lane?  Do they need support or guidance?  Are they happy and motivated?  If not, why?

Think about yourself and your team.

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