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What we Focus on we Feel

Have you ever considered that the way you feel about an encounter or an experience is based on what you are focused on?  Focus is not the true reality.  A camera lens only shows the picture and angle you are focused on, this can distort reality because you are not focused on the big picture.

Change your Focus

How do you feel if someone turns up to a meeting late?  Do you feel disappointed, angry, or disrespected? Does this feeling swell up, do you take it out on other people in the meeting? Do you have a go at them when they do arrive? 




Do you wonder if they are ok?  Are they having difficulties getting to the meeting?  Has something happened? Will they need support?


Just reading these two options do you feel differently?  Remember what we focus on affects the way we feel.  Maybe we shouldn’t jump to conclusions; we should choose what we focus on more carefully.


I want to tell you a story about a time when my focus was wrong.  I had a bicycle accident when I was younger, I was 6 years old and riding my bike on a mud track.  My sister and friend zoomed ahead, I was nervous but wanted to keep up!  I noticed a big stone in the middle of the track ahead of me, all I could do was look at it and hope I didn’t crash into it.  I was only focused on my fear!  Yes, my fear happened! As I approached the stone I slammed my back brakes on, the back wheel went over my head and the handlebar landed in my throat, I nearly died! 


Why did my sister and friend not have the accident? They were not focused on the fear.  They looked ahead.  By focusing on the rock I steered straight into it.  Yes, I was only 6 but what a great learning opportunity.  If I had focused on the field at the side of the rock I would have bypassed it and had a great bike ride.


Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear.


Focusing on the solution will always benefit you.  Yes, there are still risks but these are then minimised.  Change your momentum and don’t crash. 


In life a change of direction can be slower than riding a bike, you have to wait and be patient.  There can be a time lag but it will catch up so keep your focus.


Asking the right questions can help.  “Why is this person disrespecting me?”  You’re immediately focussing on being disrespected.  If you ask, “How can I turn this around?” You’ll get a more empowering answer.  Questions are so powerful, just ask positive focus questions.  This will aid you to get the outcome you want, and with a positive mindset.

Helping you become a better leader and have better emotional intelligence.  This will motivate staff and gain greater productivity at work because employees will feel valued and listened to.  Coaching leaders will help your business with:

  • Increased revenue - empowering and educating Business Partners to support Operation Directors, working together to bring innovation to business areas.

  • Confident staff leads to better team working.

  • Cost savings through motivated, confident staff bringing ideas to the table.

  • Empowering leaders to make more confident decisions.

  • Growing great mentors to support future talent and juniors.

  • Building better performing leaders.






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