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Who Is Laura?

Hi, my name is Laura, I am a Power Coach for my company Lightning Coaching.

  • What did I do before and what did it teach me that is relevant to what I do now?

Before I became a coach I was an accountant, although I had a break where I was a masseuse, sports therapist, reflexologist, and fitness instructor. I had my clinic for a while but ended up working on a cruise liner where I lapped Africa. Travel has always been a huge passion of mine and it was so much fun! But I fell back into accountancy after a knee operation. I was also in a trend of toxic relationships where I felt I couldn't follow my dreams.

Accountancy, personal training, and sports therapy are quite similar… I helped people. In accountancy, I helped train my team, mentor and grow them to be the leaders they are today. I helped management and directors understand how the finances built a storyboard of trends to aid them in operational growth and forecasting. As a PT and therapist, I helped fix injuries and underlying health concerns and build them back up to regain their fitness.

  • Why I decided to change my career

I decided to change my career 5 years ago. The reason was that I knew that I wanted to love my work again. People are working so hard with added pressures in today's society. I have battled with imposter syndrome and negative self-talk. I worked in a man's world for too long and never made the change I dreamed of. I realised I was in the wrong arena. I couldn’t change the way business was run or how people treated others if I was sitting at such a small table. To make the real change I wanted to empower more people daily in all different organisations and countries. This is where real change can make a difference.

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  • Why coaching appealed to me

So many people have fears, anxiety, and low self-esteem and they are putting up barriers around them that are stunting their personal growth. I know I did! I found that throughout my life, no matter how busy I was, I would always find a spare meeting room to help people through this and I LOVED DOING IT! Seeing people change and grow is the most fulfilling feeling. I wanted to feel this every day and commit to helping people.

The way I have been treated like a blonde female in a man's industry made me angry and I wanted to prove to people that I could do this. This made me stay in accountancy for longer than I should have, knowing that proving something to people who had already forgotten the moment they imposed my fears and low confidence was only preventing my happiness. I learned this through lots of coaching which gave me the drive to change my career and do what has always made me happy. For this, I would like to thank them.

  • What types of challenges does my work now help people with

I am proud to say that now my work helps women to build their confidence up to know their worth and stand tall. My clients are more motivated to make a change, to go for that promotion, and change their career or relationship.

They can live their life by their core values to understand what makes them truly happy. I help people understand their behaviours in all types of relationships to enable them to change unresourceful outcomes. My clients can overcome anxiety, and learn to manage the negative voices in their heads and their limiting beliefs. I also help people overcome fears and guilt.

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