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Lightning Coaching offers team workshops for your company.  This helps to develop your teams, and to work better together, creating not only happiness in the workplace but greater efficiency and effectiveness by understanding their own values, strengths and challenges.  Emotional Intelligence is key to team working and a skill that is too often not learned.  

Book a workshop today to bring your team into the power house they can be! 

What are the benefits

Workshops are a fun and dynamic way of bringing a team together to help them become efficient, effective and a team that respects each other.   In the past 2 years we are seeing employees working from home and much more agile.  This means we are not seeing each other face to face, we are not popping for a coffee or going to the pub after work or even chatting at the coffee machine.  This means we are not seeing when someone is struggling, either with work or home life.  Although we may care about our colleagues, it is too easy to get wrapped up in our own workload and we forget to ask (and mean it) "how are you? Really?" 


Emotional Intelligence is key to the success of a team.  By helping them to work together and pull in those resources from each others strengths, we can create such a powerful team.  There are many tools and skills to make a team more effective and efficient, but also emotionally intelligent.  In my workshops your team will learn these effective tools.

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