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Redefine Success

Fractional Finance Consultant and Coach



Dedicated to Your Success

In a world where executives and companies face countless challenges, Lightning Coaching provides a unique approach that guides clients through these obstacles and teaches them how to handle future hardships.  With a focus on personal growth, leadership development, smart decision-making, and creative problem-solving, Lightning Coaching helps business owners and their teams through being a Fractional Finance Consultant, Coaching programmes, 121s, Drop-in centres and Workshops. Clients include start-up founders, corporate executives, and SME's.


The Strategy

Ensure your Business Model, Forecast and Plan is in-line with your Business Strategy.


Transform any Self-doubt into Courage and Strength.  Have the Plan, Support and Guidance to make your Dreams a Success.

The Team

Drive High Performance in the Work Place.  Create Empowerment within Teams to build Motivation and Dedication.

The Foundation

Build a Strong Team at the Foundation of your Business Creating a Stable Structure for Growth. 

Having more time to build and grow your business you can drive profits, efficiency and pipeline. 

Lightning Programmes are designed to increase team morale, performance and efficiency.

The Team, The Culture, The Dedication is at the Foundation of your Business.  



What People Are Saying

Lightning Coaching has a diverse client-base. Regardless of the industry Lightning Coaching helps Business Owners understand their Accounts and help with strategic growth.    Lightning also coaches Leaders and their teams to help the business efficiency and culture..  The result is always the same - impactful results and lasting change. Check out their client list and reviews below.



Finance Business Partner

"The time I spent with Laura at Lightning Coaching has already been noticeably beneficial to my career, relationships, and over-all wellbeing.  Laura led me to identify what was holding me back in my career and in one of the sessions there was a light bulb moment where I knew what I needed to do and exactly how I would do it.  I always felt safe with Laura, she always listened and guided me, without judgement.  She encouraged and supported me with compassion.  I have seen my confidence grow and I believe in my ability to keep growing with the techniques Laura taught me.  Thankyou Laura."


Digital Product Owner

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"I can’t thank Laura enough for giving me the self belief to confidently pursue a promotion at work after years of self doubt and staying safe in my comfort zone. Laura has helped me focus on the “now”, forgive myself for past choices and enabled me to understand my core values as a guide for decision making to avoid procrastination. Initially I was worried I would struggle to open up, but Laura’s friendly empathetic approach enabled me to feel at ease covering all the areas of my life where I was in need of inspiration and support. Overall Laura’s techniques have given me a renewed positivity and focus I can use in all areas of my life." 



HR Manager

"My sessions with Laura were perfectly timed - I had successfully applied for a new role at work, but was doubting my ability and feeling anxious. The techniques Laura covered enabled me to believe in myself and to stop self-doubt holding me back and keeping me in my comfort zone. After struggling for years to confidently make decisions, I now have an understanding of my core values and can use this to stop me procrastinating. Overall I have a greater understanding of myself, my strengths and a calmer more positive approach to my life. " 

Tash - Director

"Laura has helped me work on so many deep unworthiness wounds that were keeping me stuck and powerless.  Now I am feeling powerful, have a deep self-trust and honour my needs.  I am so grateful I chose to work with her, even though investing in myself that way was scary.  It was the best decision I have ever made."

Nicky - Marketing assistant

"I came to Laura with an absolute openness and wanted to work on a childhood trauma.  Which we went through and all of the emotion!  Only to find that the origin of the emotions I felt surrounding that trauma happened long before that particular incident!  Thankyou for holding the space for me to work through this."

Beth - Payroll Manager

“Laura helped me see where I had a ceiling or limit on my earning potential and my ability to do things!  I feel less stressed and more optimistic about the goals I have reset for myself, and I got that pay rise!”

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