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The Programmes

Lightning Programmes have been designed to help build your business with your Team, your Strategy and your Financials at the centre.  They are flexible, personable and for all levels of your team. 

Fractional Finance Consultant

Business Owners

Do you have a clear vision but you are unsure how to achieve it?  Do you have confidence in your financials?  Do you want to take your business and team to the next level and want some guidance?

80% of SME's cannot afford a full-time Finance Manager although when they are about to implement a strategy of growth, exit planning or market development, it is key to ensuring the success of these goals.  I help you create your story board by understanding your finances, sales and operations.  

I help to ensure all teams understand the importance of their role within the business.  Creating documents to report KPI's and performance so you can understand any profit variables through your ops and sales teams. 

Whether you need me 1 day a month or 3 I can help you:

 - Gain clarity on priorities,

 - Hold you accountable against your action plan,

 - Review accounts to forecast,

 - Review Balance Sheet,

 - Manage Aged Debt,

 - Identify team challenges and opportunities,

 - Enhance culture and team dynamics.

The Leadership Programme

Business Leaders

For your Team Leaders and Managers, this programme helps them to shape their team and become the leader they aspire to be.

Confidence is key to being a good leader.  By understanding your own strengths and challenges we can use tools and techniques to help you become the leader you aspire to be.

 - Understand Emotional Intelligence

 - Learn how to work with other Business Leaders,

 - Set clear Boundaries and values,

 - Learn how to manage different personalities,

 - Look at the team and their efficiency/effectiveness levels,

 - Department Planning and meetings,

 - Culture.

The CDS Programme

The Team

Designed for all Employees, the CDS Programme helps drive Confidence, Dedication and Success through 121 coaching.  Using the best tools and techniques employees will be empowered, motivated and confident in their abilities to thrive.

An empowered team that are dedicated and motivated will create the foundation of your business to help it grow.  Many Business Owners are busy planning their own growth and forget about what is actually keeping the business running day-to-day.  The importance of team moral and culture can be the difference between your business thriving or surviving.

 - Understand Emotional Intelligence,

 - Learn how to communicate effectively,

 - Understand resilience,

 - Learn how to manage stress and deadlines,

 - Look at personal goals and dreams,

 - Build confidence for growth.


Become greater leaders, be happier and work through barriers in a 6 or 12 week programme

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