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My name is Laura Keeley

I am a CIMA Qualified Accountant and Business Coach who helps Businesses reach their goals.  I work as a Fractional Finance Consultant for Business Owners, looking at the strategic growth forecast, sales pipeline and management accounts.  I educate Managers about the importance of Emotional Intelligence, culture and communication and provide drop-in-centres for employees to help with work and personal challenges.  

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The Fractional Finance Consultant and Coaching Business

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I started Lightning because I love working with small to medium sized businesses who want help understanding their finances, prioritising their strategic objectives and have managers that could use some help communicating.  


 I am a qualified accountant and worked many years as a Finance Director, Manager and Head of.  During my career I have worked for small SME's all the way through to Multi Billion Pound Companies.  I have presented to many boards and lead a number of teams.   My key skill is communication, I love going into a business, looking at the finances and working with operations and sales to create the story board.

THE STORY BOARD is understanding this key formula:  Sales + Operations = Finance


  I loved managing my teams and helping them develop through mentoring and coaching. I also helped the wider team build confidence in presenting and helping with self-doubt.


I have trained as an NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Power Coach so I can help teams, Leaders and Managers, gain confidence and eliminate anxiety.  I educate the power of communication, Emotional Intelligence and the true form of working as a team.


I am here to support and guide Business Owners and their team through your growth plan.  I understand the pressures we put on ourselves and the pressures others put on us.  I can help you plan with clarity, build an achievable strategy and ensure you have accurate financials.


Lightning Coaching is honoured to help countless clients reach sustainable positive change.

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